Diversity Management in Organization for the ASEAN Economic Community Readiness Preparing

Diversity Management in Organization for the ASEAN Economic Community Readiness Preparing

  • ณัชชามน เปรมปลื้ม Faculty of Technology and Innovation, Bangkok Thonburi University
Keywords: Diversity management, Readiness Preparing for the AEC


The readiness preparing of Thailand for AEC entering, that is the necessary point and give precedence to prepare the situation. That will be changing and occurring definitely. One of the important tactics for the readiness preparing is the diversity management in organization in Thailand, especially the university. That is the organization which plays the important role that is held to be the important driven power for the Thailand.

This article showed the analysis of the case study, the weakness, the solution, the strength, and the development based on the human resource management by using diversity management tactic for effectiveness and efficiency in the organization, finally that  bring to the development for the progression in the country


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