Simulation Programs Designed to Investigate the Crime Scene Case Study Bombing Trial

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Keywords: simulation program, explosion scenes investigation


The objective of the study is to invent a computer program designed to simulate an incident to investigate explosive scenarios. It is a new simulation program to investigate explosive incidents through a computer program format to train and is used as an instructional media for the police cadet, undergraduate and graduate students in forensic science, and related officers. For the simulation program, researcher separated simulated scenes of incident investigation into two categories, indoor and outdoor task.  An indoor task is to investigate inside a building when it was not exploded. There are five scenes for this category. An outdoor task is to investigate outside a building when it was already exploded. There are nine scenes for this category. The graphic used in these scenes was mainly from a game called GTA4 and it is decorated and adjusted some details by using Adobe Photoshop CS6. The program used to control this program was Adobe Flash Professional CS6.

              It was found in the simulated computer program that information and instruction from the explosion scenario investigations for both indoor and outdoor tasks is accurate, educates trainees precisely and could be used as an evaluation tool to assess the trainees’ skill. To evaluate the effectiveness of this program, testing on fifty of senior year police cadets, the score of indoor mission no.1 and no.2 is different with statistically significant at 0.05. Additionally, the score of indoor mission no.2 is more than the other missions. Similarly, the score of outdoor mission no.1 and no.2 is also different with statistically significant at 0.05 and the score of outdoor mission no.2 is also more than the others.


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