Game Advertising to Brand Communication in Digital Era

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            The growth of communication technology in the digital age causes the new multi-media formats to be used for advertisement. Games are used to promote of marketing communication in digital age which now, attracting many attentions as it brings people making their new experience to achieve their long-term memories and it may lead to the consumer’s behavior of making decision to buy. Most of consumers in the digital age often perceive information in the form of online media and displease to be crammed and overflowing by the advertisement. Thus, Communication through the game has been more popular than other forms of advertisement. This is because consumers can enjoy the game as well as receiving the advertising media unconsciously.

            Advertising through the games to communicate the brand comprises the various important factors that the importance of the game, using games to advertise, form of advertising through games, guidelines game for brand communication as well as effectiveness of using the game to affect change consumer behavior. The study found that game advertising is an effective method of advertising since this has received the attention and influenced the large consumer. However, it is constantly developing and able to attract many consumers to access the media as well. It is also found that advertising through games has an impact on consumer behavior in terms of ideas, emotions and experiences gained through the games. This will lead to a better attitude, memorable and brand preference in the end.


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