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The research of “Communication campaign via” aim to study on 3 points, 1) communication strategies for creating public participation, 2) netizen engagement toward online community. This research is a mixed method research. The researcher used 3 methods composing of content analysis, in-depth interview and online questionnaire.

            The findings show that 1) social issues that promote on online community has 2 sizes are (1) Public Issues and (2) Private Troubles. Campaigner uses social media for 5 reasons are (1) Informing (2) Updating (3) Persuasion (4) Gratitude and (5) Victory Announcement. There are 3 types of decision maker are (1) Government agencies & state enterprises (2) Private Company and (3) Social Organization. Campaign results are divided into 2 types (1) campaigns of public interest (2) campaigns have been changed in policy. The 4 key strategies used for creating public participation are (1) visualization (2) stakeholder engagement (3) information management (4) current issues link.

            The findings also show that the most of samples are female aged 26-30 years old, single status, bachelor’s degree, officers, and income between 20,001 – 30,000 THB per month. The hypothesis tests were found that netizen engagement in involvement, interaction and influence are low, but intimacy is high. Netizen’s status and occupation differences had significantly different effects on engagement toward online community.


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