Motivation, Media Exposure, Decision Making amd Traveling Pattern of Disabled Tourist

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The purpose of this research is to survey of motivation, media exposure, decision making, traveling behavior and traveling pattern of disabled tourist for receives view of tourist in new market and impacts to global.  

This research by using “Survey Research” method. This research used questionnaire to collect information from 3 groups of 415 disable people such as visual impaired people, hearing impaired people physical disability people.

The research results showed that disable tourists have a high level of push factor and pull factor motivations in traveling. They have a moderate level in media exposure about traveling resources, contents and information channels. They also have a high level of decision making and traveling by planning ahead and the highest level of traveling to the natural attractions. Traveling behavior result showed that disabled tourists travel once or twice each year, 2 days each trip and spend around 1,000 to 3,000 baht for each trip. Most of them travel by their private car with their family and manage their trip by themselves. They also take photos during the trip and post on their social media after the trip. They usually describe good attractions and facilities to other disabled tourists. And they also review their traveling problem during the trip to other disabled tourists for their decision on their next trip.


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