Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Publication ethics are required for publication in the Journal of Health Science and Medical Research (J Health Sci Med Res). The publication ethics guidelines follow the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


Editors of the Journal of Health Science and Medical Research

  1. will continuously improve the journal by responding to the requirements of readers and authors.
  2. will have quality control of the material published using well organized processes.
  3. will provide comprehensive feedback to authors, as fast as possible.
  4. will minimize conflicts of interest and avoid business needs which disrupt intellectual and ethical standards and thus protect the integrity of the academic record.
  5. will provide corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies if necessary.
  6. will improve the journal’s processes by seeking authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board opinion and responses.
  7. the journal’s processes of peer review and publishing will be continuously reevaluated and new findings encouraged.
  8. internationally accepted guidelines will always be followed to ensure only quality research is published (e.g. the Declaration of Helsinki  for clinical research, the AERA and BERA guidelines for educational research).
  9. have the process to evaluate and approve submitted research by an appropriate body (e.g. research ethics committee, institutional review board).
  10. have the process to manage the submitted research in cases where there is suspicion of misconduct or allegations of misconduct by editors.
  11. reject publishing any research with the following problems: plagiarism, data fabrication and falsification, submitted manuscript was under revision or published elsewhere and citation manipulation.
  12. use the following criteria for decision-making regarding whether to accept or reject a paper for publication: importance, originality and clarity, study’s validity and relevance that matches with the journal.
  13. respond to requests from authors in terms of suggested reviewers who should not review their submissions, if there are both acceptable and practical reasons.


Authors who submit articles to the Journal of Health Science and Medical Research

  1. provide research conducted in a standard ethical and responsible manner, considering all relevant legislation.
  2. provide honest and clear data, without fabrication, falsification or data manipulation.
  3. describe the methods of research clearly thus permitting others to confirm the findings.
  4. submit work that is original, not plagiarized, and has not been reviewed or published elsewhere.
  5. accept responsibility for submitted and published work.
  6. provide accurately the authors’ contributions to the work.
  7. disclose conflicts of interest and any and all financial support received.


Reviewers of the Journal of Health Science and Medical Research

  1. agree to review manuscripts that match their expertise and to properly assess all manuscripts in a timely manner.
  2. not to reveal manuscript details, data or reviewer comments during the peer-review process.
  3. all potential conflicting interests must be declared. If reviewers suspect a conflict, they will seek advice from the journal.
  4. are not influenced by the origins of a manuscript, nationality, religion, political beliefs, gender or other characteristics of the authors, or by any commercial considerations.
  5. provide objective and constructive reviews for authors while avoiding any hostile, inflammatory , libelous or derogatory personal comments.
  6. acknowledge that the peer review process requires a large effort and engage in their fair share of reviewing in a timely manner.
  7. provide accurate and real personal and professional information to the journal.
  8. will not impersonate another individual in the review process, which would constitute serious misconduct.