Publication Ethics


Duties of Editors

  1. Editors will do everything to ensure the quality of articles published in JHUSOC.
  2. Editors decide to choose articles for publication in JHUSOC after passing the process of article evaluation by peer reviewers. The following aspects i.e. importance, newness, clarity, and content consistency with the policy of the journal are taken into consideration.
  3. Editors will not publish the articles that have already been published elsewhere.
  4. Editors will not disclose the information of authors and peer reviewers to other people who are not involved.
  5. Editors must not have conflicts of interest with authors and peer reviewers.


Duties of Authors

  1. Authors must certify that their articles submitted for publication in JHUSOC are new and have never been published anywhere before.
  2. Authors must cite other people’s academic and research works used in their own articles.
  3. Authors must write articles correctly according to the format specified in JHUSOC.
  4. Authors whose names appear in articles must be the participants in conducting the research.
  5. Authors must report the facts arising from their research results without distortion.


Duties of Reviewers

  1. Peer reviewers must maintain confidentiality and not disclose the information of articles and authors to persons who are not involved.
  2. Peer reviewers should evaluate the articles relevant to the disciplines that they have expertise.
  3. Peer reviewers must not use personal opinions and criteria that are not supported by academic information to determine whether articles will be published or not.
  4. Peer reviewers must review article contents according to academic principles, provide useful comments, and assess the articles based on academic quality and standard.
  5. Peer reviewers must not have conflicts of interest with authors and editors.