Financial ManagementofOutstanding Communitiesin Ban Laoyai, Wathana Sub-district, Songdao District, SakonNakhon Province

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ปิยะวดี ยอดนา


This study aimed to investigate the outstanding community financial management of Ban Laoyai Wathana sub-district, Songdao district, Sakon Nakhon province using a qualitative research method. Data were collected from in-depth interviews, and participatory and non-participatory observation, and the obtained data were analyzed for content. The research tool was a semi-structured interview form. There were 11 main informants. The study findings of revealed that Ban Laoyai which was the first outstanding institution for community financial management of Sakon Nakhon province. Two types of community financial management were found. Type 1 was the management in accordance with the state policy framework. This type included the various financial fund groups in the community, who were encouraged to be members of the institution of community funding management. It is called integrated community finance management. Type 2 was the management based on the situation that occurred in the community, which is called situational community finance management. This second type was composed of two kinds: One was situational community finance management in the aspect of operations of the community funding management institution. And the other was situational community finance management in the aspect of the factors affecting success of community funding management institution.


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