Strategies to Strengthen Community Participation of Local Administrative Organization: Case Study in Huthamnop Sub-district, Pakham District, Buriram Province.

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The objectives of this study were 1) to analyze strategies to strengthen community participation of Local Administrative Organization in Buriram Province, 2) to study the implementation of the strategies, and 3) to give suggestions for strengthening community participation of Local Administrative Organization in Hutamnob Sub-district, Pakham District, Buriram Province in four aspects: economic, social, political, and natural resources and environmental. This qualitative study consisted of 24 target audiences selected by using a purposive sampling method. The data were collected by organizing public forums and group discussions, and were analyzed in an inductive form. The results showed that the strategies for strengthening the community in four aspects as the following. In terms of economic aspect, economic crops that are consistent with the resources’ condition of the area should be grown. Community enterprises should be established and empowered as self-reliant community enterprises. In terms of social aspect, local arts and culture should be carried on to the next generation. A watchdog group of illegal crime should be established in order to keep the community away from gambles and drugs. In terms of political aspect, public political parties should be strengthened to build trust and respect people’s rights in the democratic process. In terms of natural resources and environmental aspect, people should be seriously cultivated to realize value of natural resources and environment, to maintain, and to benefit from natural resources and environment. For the implementation of the strategy to strengthen the community, all agencies, including central and regional representatives of government agencies, community leaders and public, should participate in defining the policies, plans, projects and annual work of each agency. For the suggestions to strengthen the community, Local Administrative Organization, community leaders and local people must learn the four aspects together in their own area, then brainstorm and take action to create love and unity, and also to raise the budget from both public and private agencies in order to support each of the tasks. This would lead them to achieve the goal and benefits and to strengthen the community for becoming a strong, wealthy and sustainable community.


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