Development of Local Curriculumon Community History in English: A Case Study at Baan Khokkhao PattanaCommunity,Khokmamuang Sub-district, Pakham District, Buriram Province

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Somyong Somin



The aims of this study were 1) to examine problems in studying English of students at Baan Khokkhao Pattana School, Khokmamuang Sub-district, Pakham District, Buriram Province, 2) to develop English curriculum on community history, and 3) to evaluate the use of the curriculum. The population of this study consisted of members of Baan Khokkhao community, teachers and students at Baan Khokkhao Pattana School. The sample groups were composed of 40 students from secondary school, and 40 people from community leaders, the elderly and community members, who have known well the history of the community. The sample groups were selected by using a purposive sampling method. The data were collected by using a questionnaire, focus group discussion, an English proficiency test, a satisfaction questionnaire. The quantitative data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics i.e., percentage, mean (x̅), and standard deviation (S.D.) while the qualitative data were analyzed by using content analysis.

The result of the study revealed that:

  1. In the aspect of the importance of English, the result indicated a high level of the significance of English in teaching and learning; and the most important English skill was speaking, followed by listening which was also at a high level.

  2. For problems in studying English, it was found that the most problematic issue was the lack of vocabulary knowledge which was at the highest level, followed by the lack of knowledge in using vocabulary.

  3. The result revealed that English proficiency levels of the sample groups were as follows: 1) at the moderated level in which their scores were between 21-30 points (42.5 percent) from the total of 40 points, 2) at the low level in which their scores were between 11-20 points (37.5 percent), and 3) at the high level in which their scores were between 31-40 points (20.0 percent).

  4. It was also found that the sample groups needed English curriculum that contains topics about the community and can be used in daily life at a high level, followed by general topics from the internet which can be learned with ease.

  5. The sample groups reported a high level of satisfaction with the format and design of the curriculum in which illustrations that matched with the contents received the highest level; and also the sample groups conveyed a high level of satisfaction with the curriculum contents.


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