The Advisor Role to Participate in Preventing and Resolving Drug Problems in Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University

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ไพศาล พากเพียร


This research aims to 1) study advisor roles and participation in preventing and resolving drug problems in Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University, and 2) to study a guideline to prevent and resolve drug problems in the Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University. The sample group in this research was composed of 159 advisors of students at Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University. They were collected via a purposive sampling technique. The research instrument was a questionnaire. The statistics used to analyse data included percentage, average, and standard deviation.

                The results found that the advisor roles and participation in preventing and solving drug problems in Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University in overall were found that they contributed to the presentation at the university conference on drug problem solving. They participated in commenting on the approach to drug problem solving. They contributed to drug problem solving in collaboration with university

students. Moreover, they participated in the reporting opinions on drug problem solving measurement to the organizations.

                The approaches to prevent and solve drug problems in Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University were to create an integrated mechanism of cooperation between parents and universities, to provide knowledge on drug prevention and problem solving, to prepare a project plan and activities to prevent drug problems. Moreover, there should be a survey of drug use on campus, and appropriate prevention of drug problems. Additionally, drug problems should be promoted to students and a group of friends consultation should also be created.



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ไพศาล พากเพียร

Assistant Professor Dr. Paisarn Phakphian

            Public Administration Program, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

            Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University

            2 Ratchtahni Rd., Muang District, Ubon Ratchathani Province 34000

            Tel.: 08-0896-7487  E-mail:          


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