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อาทิตย์ โพธิ์ศรีทอง


This article is the result of a study of concerned documents and resources to present a check of the form and structure of the Gamelan music. Gamelan is the Indonesia’s national orchestra. It has a unique style of Instrument and playing obviously. The results of the study show that Gamelan had four types of instruments. There are Idiophones, Chordophones, Aerophones and Membranophones. The Gamelan has 2 Tuning Systems. Slendro tuning system is divided into five sounds (Pentatonic Scale) in an octave and Pelog tuning system is divided into seven sounds in an octave. The Mode of Gamelan includes Slendro and Pelog separated by a system of three forms. Tempo of Gamelan is divided into five levels, from fast to slow. They are Irama Lancar, Irama Tanggung, Irama dados or Dadi, Irama Wilet and Irama rangkep.


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