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กันต์ อัควเสนา พูนพิศ อมาตยกุล สนอง คลังพระศรี ณัฐชยา นัจจนาวากุล


This research employs the principles in music literature studies on series of songs from Inao story starting at the episode where Ratu of Manya received a letter from Thao Kurepan until when Inao left Chintara. The subject of this research are songs performed by artists of Ban Mo Palace in 1907 as recorded on a set of original Odeon phonographs. The research focuses on 1) historical and musical works of the Ban Mo Palace, 2) musical style of the series of songs in the story of Inao, and 3) related socio-cultural contexts.

Research results show various functions performed by Ban Mo Palace ranging from the Royal Commander Offices for the Royal Horse and Royal Elephant Services and, most notably, the Royal Center of Music and Theatrical Arts. The Palace is greatly responsible for the court music and theatrical works during the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910). Some of concurrent renowned artists were Phraya Senoh Duriyang (Thongdi), Phra Pradit Phairo (Tat), Mom Charoen and Mom Malai. The palace is recognized as the birthplace of Dukdambun Piphat and also served for state arrival concerts and as recording studio for a large numbers of phonograph records.

            The lyrics used in the songs of these episodes were taken from the composition by King Rama II and was performed in musical combination with hard mallet Piphat ensemble. There were 23 songs and 2 dialogues with some songs played more than once. There were in total 34 sequences, mostly Naphat and Royal Dance Songs such as Cha Pinai, O Pinai, Longsong Mon and other Song Chan melodies which mostly played in Sol scale and in Thai idiomatic musical style.

The socio-cultural contexts discovered from the records demonstrated political and governmental contexts, way of life, values as well as economic and socio-cultural in musicology contexts.


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