Social Media : Form Knowledge to Knowing, Reflective Expertise into Standard Operating Procedure

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Suphaphon Sorasittirat Onjaree Natakuatoong Theeravadee Thangkabutra


The purpose of this research aims to developknowledge management
modelsfor networked communities of professionals using social media to enhance
expertise competency of civil officers. This research was divided into 2 phases: (1)
Social Media Behavior Survey, sampling 385 civil officers, using multi-stage sampling
and collecting data by questionnaire, and analyzing data by frequency, and percentage.
(2) Constructing the model, validated by 5 experts, using purposive sampling, and
collecting data by open-end questionnaire,then the findings were used to improve
as draw to concept model.
Results show that(1) there will alsosocial media behavior of civil officers
tend to be Time: civil officers’ experiences in social media more than 4 years,
visit social media less than 10 times per day, average time spent on social media
is 30 minutes -1 hour, and 8.01 p.m.-0.00 a.m. is period of the most time spent on
social media.Place & Device, popular place and device using social media are
home and smartphone, popular social media is Line. And Reason & Usage, civil
officers writing on social media 1-2 times per month, and mostly use alphabet for
communication and chatting in chatroom, and reason for using social media is
contains new and modern knowledge and (2) The result of the model consisted of
two main partsthe component of model: personnel, processes, technologies,
networks, and professionalscommunity culture, the steps of model: orientation,
workshop, KM Manually, KM One-to-Many, KM Dyad, KM Group and KMEvaluation.



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