Defect Formation in Work Surface of ADC12 Aluminum during Storage and a Preventive Guideline

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Surface oxidation of aluminum occurred during being stored in a cardboard box leads to the substantial defects in workpiece surface and directly affects the surface characteristics and aesthetic of aluminum products. This problem causes a number of reclaimed products so as increased manufacturing costs of a case study company. This research aims at considering an ADC12 aluminum product manufactured by die casting process. The objectives of this research are to understand the effect of storing factors on defect formation in ADC12 aluminum and to prevent the defects during the storing or delivering of aluminum products in a cardboard box. According to a preliminary study, the major factors were humidity, type of packaging materials and delivery time. To minimize the defects in aluminum, this research determined a suitable amount of desiccant per volume of container to retard the surface oxidation, and the desiccant of 6.57 mg/cm3 was recommended to be applied into the packaging stored in 80% humidity. This can prolong the aluminum workpieces kept in storage during the shipment for 13 days. Regarding this finding, the defect on aluminum workpieces can be reduced by 55.25% from that found before this prevention.

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