The Marketing Communication Process Affecting the Agro-Tourism Image of Uttaradit Province

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ปิยพงศ์ เขตปิยรัตน์ ภาศิริ เขตปิยรัตน์ วัชราภรณ์ อารีรัตนศักดิ์ อมรรัตน์ ศรีวิโรจน์ มานะศิลป์ ศรทนงค์ เชียง เภาชิต


This research aim to investigate the marketing communication process affecting the Agro
tourism image of Uttaradit Province. The methodology is quantitative research. The target
population were 242,232 tourists in the tourist Muang district, Uttaradit province. The sample
were 400 tourists, which were selected by multi-stage random sampling. The questionnaire
was used as a research instrument. Data was analyzed by SEM using Lisrel.
The finding were as follows ; The marketing communication process is the highest
influencing of the tourism image. The results of this study show that the measurement
model is valid and well fitted to empirical data (2 = 17.53, df = 13, p = 0. 176, GFI = 0.99,
AGFI = 0.97) . This model exhibits acceptable levels of fit. The marketing communication
process was direct influencing the tourism image. The factors could explain the variance of
the tourism image 100 percent.


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