DEM Simulation the Particle Discharge from Bucket Elevator

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Bucket elevator is the most common elevator used for the vertical transport. Currently, it was used in the rice mill and many industrials. The capacity is an important factor in the choice of the conveyor, two types of the bucket conveyor need to be considered such as the rotational speed and level of the materials inside the bucket and the behavior of particle discharge from the bucket. This study was to examine the correlation of variables influencing the performance of the bulk material flow in bucket capacity, particle discharge behavior. In addition, this study illustrated the material model and materials properties by using Discrete Element Method (DEM) for predicting the behavior of materials movement in the bucket elevator and velocity. The experiment was operated in range between 70-130 rpm. The material discharge behavior was recorded by the digital video camera to observe the bucket conveyor. It’s was format that, the results of particle behavior simulated by DEM has a good agreement with experimental data for ensuring the accuracy.



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สถาพร วังฉาย

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