Logistics and Supply Chain Management of Shallot to Enhance and Increasing Efficiency for Groups of Farmer in Sisaket Province

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วรัญญู ทิพย์โพธิ์


At present, most Thai people are farmers. Economic crops are important for Thailand. Because of there are variety of crops to export around the world. It is cashing up for farmers.  Planting of shallot is most important agricultural products in the Northeastern and Northern of Thailand, especially in the area of Sisaket province. Shallot is a famous product. The majority of the people grows shallots for unearned income. The case study as the farmer that using the experience without planning which cause higher costs.  This research aims to increase efficiency and reduce times for the farmer in Sisaket province. The researcher applied the theory of process activity mapping and value stream mapping for analysis of activities in the shallot supply chain. The most of the activities are necessary but non-value added (NNVA). Then we found that cause of the problem with a fishbone diagram. It found that the farmers have not tool to facilitate and sort out of shallot. So farmer takes a long time and the necessity to hire workers to sort out cause in high cost. Then the researcher created a tray sorting of shallot to facilitate for farmer. The findings indicated that after the improvement of time decreased 1,590.27 minutes or 7.46%.



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ทิพย์โพธิ์ว. (2018). Logistics and Supply Chain Management of Shallot to Enhance and Increasing Efficiency for Groups of Farmer in Sisaket Province. Journal of Industrial Technology Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University, 8(1), 99-111. Retrieved from https://www.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jitubru/article/view/131388
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