Efficiency Improvement and Development in Candle Sculpture Process of Candles with Molded Beeswax Attached

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ปานจิต ศรีสวัสดิ์ วรัญญู ทิพย์โพธิ์ กิตติคุณ นิมิตแสงเทียน คลอเคลีย วจนะวิชากร


This research aims to modify the production of beeswax-moulded candle: the case study of Polpan Temple, Ubon Ratchathani province. Normally, it takes 76 days until completion. Moreover, it is required to be completed before the Buddhist lent day which is held annually in July. The problem is studied by using value stream mapping (VSM). According to the primary study, the production lead time (from material preparation to final check) is 162 minutes, as for serration stripe carving, and 122 minutes for Pra-jum-yaam stripe carving, the value added and waiting time included. The problem's cause is analysed by fish-bone diagram. It is found that some perspective ways to complete the stripe carving faster is to shorten the 3 production sub-processes: (1) beeswax imprinting (2) taking the imprinted beeswax out of the block (3) beeswax carving. The production process is shortened whereas beeswax carving tools are newly invented. After shortening the process, serration stripe imprinting and carving time decreases from 162 to 95 minutes. Pra-jum-yaam stripe, the imprinting and carving time decreases from 122 to 84 minutes. Production lead time decreases 41.36% and 31.15%. In total, serration stripe is imprinted and carved 456 pieces per day. As well, Pra-jum-yaam stripe process gives 900 pieces per day, respectively. Besides, the project duration time is shorter for 10 days. Labour cost becomes cheaper, from 42,000 to 15,000 Baht. As a result, modifying the production process helps the project to be completed faster and it saves labour cost, too. This kind of modification is useful for beeswax carving staffs when they apply to other stripe imprinting and carving.



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