Development of Mobile Solar Water Pump to Reduce Cost and Help in Times of Drought for Dragon Fruit Farm of Community Business of Koae Sub-District Community, Khuang Nai District, Ubon Ratchathani Province

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ศักดิ์ทนงค์ วงศ์เจริญ จริยา พันธา ประภาพร กิติศรีวรพันธุ์ อัจฉรา เชยเชิงวิทย์ ณัฐภัค พละพันธุ์ ปริญญา ทุมมาลา อัสนี อำนวย


This research proposes the design and development of mobile solar water pump, to demonstrate the system performances, the first step is to design and develop the mobile solar water pumping system. The second is to evaluate the efficiency of mobile solar pump and solar cell during 8 am. to 5 pm. The next step is to analyze the economic value of mobile solar water pump and traditional water pump including of installation and maintenance costs. The results show that 1) the mobile solar water pumping system obtains the DC 750-watts submersible water pump, which uses about 1,232 kilowatts annually, and uses the 1,050-watts solar cell. Next, 2) the average power efficiency of solar cell is 336-424.2-watts in the morning and the evening, but it is 1,016-1,036.8-watts at 12 pm. to 1 pm. The overall power efficiency of mobile solar water pump is 7,280.4-watt-hour per day. In addition, the average water flow rate is 27,665.52-liter per day. Finally, 3) for  5 years, the average total cost of mobile solar water pump is 100,750 baht and it takes three years to pay back the investment, while the traditional water pump uses 126,500 baht but it makes an incremental cost every year. To sum up, the mobile solar water pump uses the average cost of 44 percent, whereas 56 percent of the average cost is consumed by traditional water pump.



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