Study and Form Drawing Table in Undergraduate Students Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhut University

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Study and form drawing table in undergraduate students Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhut University This research aimed to study and form drawing table in undergraduate students. The drawing table designed is effective in multi function with combination of drawing table computer graphic design and high speed internet. The results of the opinions of the instructors eighteen persons recommended the structure of table should made by ply wood with solid wood and the table surface should be Mdf board. The position of monitor located in middle of table and the size of monitor was 21 inch. The table size was 60x90 cm and can adjust the angle for comfort ability for user. The necessary software was AutoCAD and wifi internet with the high speed internet was appropriated. The instructor is in front of the class for lecture was suitability. The opinions of the three expertises commented the design of table, the functional of table the interaction among the student, the instructor and the drawing table, and the relevant with the curricula were high attitude. Teachers’ satisfaction to using the drawing table was found to be at the high level. It was found that the design and development of drawing table were useful, very interesting, and modern for undergraduate student. 


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