Design and Develop of Cutting Machine for Aromatic Coconut Shell

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This research aimed to design and test the cutting performance of a small cutting machine for aromatic coconut shell to be used for soil substitutes, reduced waste or burning. The procedures comprised of design construction and test. The main components of the cutting machine were steel structure, feeding set (feeding hopper and feeding roller), outlet tray, cutting support, cutting set (3 blades -160 mm. length attached 120 degree spacing with the rotor circumference). The 1.5 hp and ¼ electrical motors were used to drive the cutting rotor and feeding rotor via V-belts respectively. The performance tests were conducted by using 1, 3 and 7 days sun dried aromatic coconut shell. The cutting speed was 4 levels and the feeding speed was 2 levels. From test results, feeding rate and cutting speed affected on lengths of cutting coconut shells. The cutting speed 900 - 1,050 rpm and feeding speed 317 rpm were optimum which could attain the maximum percentage of small size and medium size 50.0 - 84.0% . The cutting capacities were 69.7 - 168.57 kg/h, and the power consumption were 4.0 x 10-5 - 9.3 x 10-5 kW-h/kg. The percentage of cutting aromatic coconut shell was more than 50% which were suitable for soil substitutes and other utilizations


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