The Design and Development of Souvenir from Ubon Ratchathani’s Kab Bua Fabric

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ยุทธศักดิ์ สัณฑมาศ


     This research aimed to design and develop products from ubon ratchathani’s kab bua fabric, test the quality of products, and transfer knowledge both designing and producing process to local communities. The research instruments were questionnaires and products from Ubon Ratchathani’s Kab Bua fabric 5 products including 1) photo frame with Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University logo, 2) souvenir cap, 3) souvenir necktie, 4) souvenir bag and, 5) local fabric shirt. Data were analyzed by using percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The results revealed overall attitudes toward design and development for 5 models of Ubon Ratchathani’s Kab Bua fabric was good level. The shirt with university’s logo was the most attractive product with average score equal to 4.37. The second place was the bag (4.36), third place was photo frame (4.23), fourth place was necktie (4.19) and the last was cap (4.10).


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