Improving Efficiency in Shrimp Farm Management by Minimizing Unproductive Electrical Use and Utilizing Precision Aquaculture Technology

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นิฏฐิตา เชิดชู วีระศักดิ์ ชื่นตา


          The objective of this work is to improve the efficiency in shrimp farm management by utilizing precision aquaculture technology. The proposed system can perform real-time water quality monitoring on 3 key water quality indicators: Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH and temperature.  These data are then used to control the operation of auto feeders and aerators automatically.  The data are also logged into the database which can later be used to provide a real-time report on the current condition of ponds, feeders, and aerators. A notification via LINE application can be triggered promptly with any predefined critical events. In order to improve the efficiency of electricity use, the proposed system is integrated with a low power consumption aerator’s speed controlling module. This module makes it possible to control the speed of an aerator for up to five levels. The system has been tested both in laboratory and in a giant freshwater prawn and Pacific white shrimp farm. Experimental results show that the system can effectively reduce the risk of shrimp loss, caused by unawareness of unsuitable water quality for shrimp culture. In terms of energy efficiency, both minimizing unnecessary operation of aerators and utilizing a low power aerator’s speed controlling module result in at least 38% of electricity use can be saved. 


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เชิดชูน., & ชื่นตาว. (2019). Improving Efficiency in Shrimp Farm Management by Minimizing Unproductive Electrical Use and Utilizing Precision Aquaculture Technology. Journal of Industrial Technology Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University, 9(2), 85-96. Retrieved from
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