The lesson learned from Life Skills Development of Students through Activity 7 bases of Ban Hin Put School, Thung Tam Sao Sub-district, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province

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Jakarin Noourai Malee Sabaiying


The objective of this study was to explore life skills development through extra curriculum activities of students at Ban Hin Put School, Thung Tam Sao Sub-district, Hat Yai district, Songkhla Province. The data of this qualitative study were collected with 31 key informants. In-depth interviews with 1 school director, 10 teachers responsible for activities and 5 parents. Focus group discussions with 15 student grade 4-5 and non-participant observations.  The data were analyzed in terms of content and validated using triangulation.  

          The study found that life skills development among students of Ban Hin Put School through all seven bases:  Laying hen raising, catfish raising, vegetable gardening, phoenix mushroom growing, fruit tree planting, biogas making, and organic liquid fertilizer and biofertilizer making, helped developing to students life skills in various aspects: careful decision, problem-solving, creative and analytical thinking, effective communication, personal relationships with fellow students and teachers, self-awareness, and understanding others.  All the seven activity bases would provide students with learning processes and life skills development that would enable them to apply the body of knowledge in their everyday life efficiently.


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