The Development of the Country with the Philosophy of a Sufficient Philosophy in the Era of Thailand 4.0

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Samart Boonrat PhraKru Kovitarttwatee


The aim of this paper is development of the country with the philosophy of a sufficient philosophy in the era of Thailand 4.0. Studies has shown that Thailand has knowledge about the philosophy of a sufficient economy which makes the population lead a life which is free of greed in this world. The government should promote the development of the country by involving and supporting these following statements. 1. Supporting knowledge and understanding of the sufficient economy philosophy for government officials and for the general population. 2. Setting rules of spending efficiency and strictly. 3. Supporting the economy of communities and the strength within the community. 4. Develop the agriculture sector to match those of the large private enterprise. 5. Support the over lookers of finance at a provincial level and 6. The government should be a rule and symbol of development underneath the philosophy of a sufficient economy.


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