A Development of Reading Comprehension Achievement of Prathomsuksa 5 Students Using PQ4R Technique

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Chatladda Kedsupap


This research aimed to 1) compare Prathomsuksa 5 students’reading comprehension achievement before and after learning by PQ4R technique and 3) study the students’ opinions towards the PQ4R technique and 2) study the students’ opinions towards the PQ4R technique. The sample was 34 Prathomsuksa 5 students studying in the second semester of the academic year 2017 at Prachauppathum School in Mueang district in Nonthaburi province. This is done by using a simple random sampling and use the classroom as a random unit. The research instruments used for data collection were lesson plans, a reading comprehension achievement test and a questionnaire investigating the students’ opinions towards PQ4R technique. The data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation and dependent t-test sample.           The findings were as follows: Achievement reading comprehension of Prathomsuksa 5 students at Prachauppathum School after learning by using PQ4R technique was higher than before learning at the statistical significance level of .05            The students’ opinions towards PQ4R technique were at a high level.


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