The Problem of Enforcing the Prostitution Prevention and Suppression Act B.E. 2539

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Preechawach Savetphataraphaisan Phiraphot Pinthongdee


Prostitution It is important to have a long-standing problem, the prevention and suppression is difficult, since there are a growing number of prostitution. And various forms of prostitution are complex, the law enforcement authorities to prevent and suppress therefore ineffective.


                        The Prostitution Prevention and Suppression Act B.E. 2539 The person with prostitution behavior. Is guilty and impose it by law In practice, a rebellious and fearless to a fault Making it an offense punishable by law and weak. Repressive policies that are not serious And the discrimination of some officials that the legislation does not aboveboard.

                        So, to fix the problem, law enforcement officials, legal practitioners to be effective. Must tackle the three dimensions of state law, policies and practices. To achieve maximum efficiency in preventing and combating prostitution in Thailand.



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