An Application of Khanti Dhamma to Strengthening the Social Peace

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Phrakhrusuchatkanchanawong Chanon Cagarato


This article aims to study Khanti-Dhamma in Theravada Buddhist Scripture; and (3) to apply Khanti-Dhamma for promoting social peace in the present Thai society.  

From this study, it is found that Khanti means patience, bodily and mindful tolerance, not behaving in any violation and the expressions of proper manners. Khanti is an important virtue that people should have for their behaviors in attaining good aims.  There are 4 types of Khanti-Dhamma, i.e., the patience towards difficulties, towards suffering, towards resentment and towards the power of desires, respectively.

The application of Khanti-Dhamma in families should hold on to each of 5 principles of Pañcasila and Pañcadhamma which are the guarantees of body, property, family, society and self. These 5 guarantees are the basic rules and behavioral principle of practice for every human being. Moreover, Khanti-Dhamma being used in listening, thinking and training with patience will lead to wisdom.  Upon using Khanti-Dhamma to reinforce families and society together with Buddhadhamma in governing the country, peaceful happiness can arise.  


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