Religious Relations for Peacefully Coexisting in ASEAN Community

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Uthai Satiman


ASEAN Community is comprised of ten Southeast Asia nations with a shared vision in building ASEAN communities, maximizing its potential capabilities for a highly competitive economy, having clear policies, being centralized for promoting opportunities and coping with challenges in politics, economic instability, and any new forms of threats.  In addition, its association helps promote bargaining power and ability to compete with each other in all spheres.  As a result, the members of ASEAN Community will raise their better living standards and be able to engage more conveniently in business; community members have mutual feelings and understanding. The conceptual of Religious relations is the blending of religious views of ASEAN to prevent breach of religious belief by implementing religious relations in doctrines as the universal ethics with the holding on to peace, freedom, equality and brotherhood as a guide to peacefully coexisting.


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