The Application of Saranฺiyadhamma for Enhancing the Reconciliation in the Works of the Registered Nurses in Bangsai Hospital, Ayutthaya Province

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Natha Yamsuan


This article aims to present the application of Saranฺiyadhamma to create reconciliation in the works of the Registered Nurses in Bangsai Hospital, Ayutthaya Province. This study was aimed at studying and collect data in the issues of conflict among the nurses, inpatient work, and the concepts in Theravada Buddhism from Tipitaka Scripture, exegesis, books, texts, documents, and various researches and present the research finding in descriptive form.

The findings showed that the causes of the problems in working together among medical personnel of the hospital are from the conflicts of the internal factors, such as the workers themselves lack love, loving-kindness, forgiveness to one another. These factors affect the work practitioners, the patients using the services, and the hospital in replacing the personnel.  In order to create reconciliation among the nurses, it is found that the Six Saranฺiyadhamma is the Buddhist means that can be used for living together with love, unity, sympathy to one another, and readiness for forgiveness.

The application of Saranฺiyadhamma does not only help create reconciliation in the works of the Registered Nurses, but it also can be used in the nurses’ daily lives, in the aspects of:- 1) family lives for the bases of love and warmth; 2) learning of self-development for their inner strength and calmness; and 3) practicing in the organization with the creation of reconciliation while working, and the decrease of conflicts yielding calmness to the organization.  

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