Youth Consciousness to be Well - talented person of Social in Education Reform B.E. 59

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Montakarn Choomueang Somchai Choomueang


Thai education in the past was a centralization system which wasn't
concordance with requirements of community, social and situation for achieve
quality education. Ministry of Education was announce implementation of the
Basic Education Curriculum B.E. 2544 to Standard - Based Curriculum, whom
may concerns such as students, parents and community. Subsequently, there
was development to The Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E. 2551.
On A.D. 2021, the education process called "STEM Education" (science
Technology Engineering and Mathematics Education). was integrated learning
into educational management on science technology, engineering and
mathematic which was focus on actually practice by given priority with teacher,
Local Administrative Organization, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (ICT
Ministry) and Universities, including the private sector and community which
must been cooperative together.

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