Buddhist Methods for Solving Corruption in Thai Society

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Phramaha Suppawat Thanavuddho Phra Thanat Vaddhano Phramaha Veeratit Varindho Phragru sirikanchanabhiraksa


Thai society in the past, had engaged in values ​​of honesty, integrity and commitment to their duties and country. Thai people aimed to maintain their family reputation, they intended to scarify their lives more than their words. But later Thai society has been dominated by materialism and authoritarianism of globalization. Therefore, the social values ​​of Thai people has been changed, people tend to respect money than morals. Thai people have become more selfish and greedy than ever. People respect richness and ignore goodness. They build their wealth by corruption because they saw the others became rich from corruption. Thai Society has accepted corruption as normal action and can be acceptable if the corruption could bring benefit to them. Therefore, we need to fix this problem before it will be too late. We can provide good corporations among every parts of society including monitoring, rigid rule and regulation, serious punishment, developing young people minds by Dhamma. Moreover, there should set up public knowledge to aware of result of corruption and fraud that will be affected by the law of karma since from this life till next life.


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