The True Friends: Noble Friends on the Path of the Enlightenment

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Prateep Peuchthonglang Yathaweemint Peuchthonglang


This qualitative research paper aims to study the group of noble friends, Characteristics of the noble friends, the duties of the true friends, the qualities of true friends, and worthy of the true friends of the Buddhist scriptures and the Buddhist academic documents by the synthesized and analysis method. Then I wrote the summary and description. The research found that the noble friends should be the prototype of the mental, physical and verbal good qualities. They were the keys and factors to support and discovery the noble path in Buddhism such as in the Singkhala Sutra. It divided friends to be two major groups - the noble friends and bogus friends. In the other hand, Khukkhawisanasuttanites divided in to two major group of friends too namely; a friend as lay people (Arkharikhamittra) and a friend as hermit (Anakharikhamittra). The characteristic of the noble friends should be the person who has fully with high quality of mind, the precepts (Sila), listening (sutta), offering (Jacca), perseverance (Viriya), mindfulness (Sati), concentration (Samathi) and wisdom (Panna). The duties of noble friends should carried on with deep patients to listen, as well as giving the good advices etc. to other friends (Paradhokhosaa). He/She should be carry out of the best high prototype of physical, verbal and mental as well as able to share some best suggestion advice to other. The qualities of the noble friends should be a high behavior, knowledge qualities and able help others.  Therefore, the value of the noble friends are divided as followign 1) Having the noble paths, 2) Fulfilling the noble paths, 3) Abel to realize the enlighten path, 4) Able to achievement of enlightenment 5) Being the source of wholesome mind.


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