Five Precept and Euthanasia

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Phrakru Arthornkichchaphirak


The act of Euthanasia It is just the belief of science or modern medicine. Seeing the suffering of the patient with the symptoms of various diseases. Want to find a way to help a sick person suffering from pain and suffering. But in the 5 precepts of Buddhism. It is not supposed to make people's lives. One who is suffering from a disease that is. The death of the doctor or a relative. Because it is considered as a violation of the lives of others. And it is to cut off the cycle of karma or karmic retribution that he is receiving. Although the Euthanasia in Anak may be more likely to be accepted. But what is important and cautious is that it would be a business crime to get an entrepreneur to benefit from the illness or suffering of a patient. It will be too humane. It will be too humane. Euthanasia is not the solution to the problem of illness or suffering of a patient. But it may become destructive to human security without knowing it.


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