Buddhist Economic community

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Phrakru Kosolwiharakhun Phrakru arthornkijjarak Sipmongkol Pongpha Thipphavit Saichart Sangwien Saphang


The Temple in Buddhism is not just a peaceful place. This is the place where people are used as a place to relax. and seek the principles for mental development. If you look at the nature of spending money, it will be seen. The temple in Buddhism and the community do not spend money for development alone or for the construction of facilities to occur with the measure alone. But the spending of these measurements also contributes to the creation of a community economy. Creating a Revenue Generation The circulation of the monetary system in the community. So let's see. The Temple in Buddhism has improved himself not to be a lonely institution in the midst of society. The Temple has attempted to adjust its role to equilibrium. Be consistent with the needs of the community. In particular, the focus is on the provision of community relief for community economic problems. To achieve equality between the temple and the community. It will make the temple. And the parts of society can be mutually beneficial.

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