Causal Relationship Model of Purchasing Intention Electronic Book via Application of Consumers in Bangkok and Metropolitan

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Thanaporn Asawanuwat Sumaman Pankham


The research is aimed at developing the casual relationship model of purchasing intention E-Book via Application of the consumer in Bangkok and metropolitan and examining the consistency of the model with empirical data samples.A sample of 400 individuals was selected from Thai customers who had purchased E-Book via Application Ookbee, using convenience sampling method. The online questionnaires composed of the 7 rating scales.The questionnaires contain the query measure gauges for measuring variables included six variables: 1) Informativeness  2) Credibility  3) Entertainment  4) Value  5) Attitude and    6) Purchase Intent .The findings were as follows : the model is consistent with the empirical data to a great extent. The statistic shows the Chi-square statistics goodness fit test ( c2 ) = 499.74, degrees of freedom (df)= 353 ,CMIN /df =1.42, GFI=0.92, AGFI=0.90, SRMR=0.04, RMSEA=0.03 and the final is the predictive coefficient of 0.87, So the model could explain the variable intention to buying 87 percent with Attitude which are combined affecting with the continuance intention to Purchase E-Book on Ookbee Application.


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