Development of the Competency of Sangha Administrators in Surin Province

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Phramaha Wisit Dhiravangso Pradit Chuenban


The purpose of this research was to study the characteristics of monks in Surin province. And study the performance and performance indicators of the monks in Surin province. This research is a qualitative research. By studying the documents. In-depth interview The four main models were selected by the selector. Analysis of qualitative data by classification and descriptive information system.

  1. The characteristics of the monks in Surin province are as follows: Administration, planning, project planning To make a notebook Registration Welfare Organizing the action plan together. Education Support for educational management within temples and outside temples. Education The establishment of a learning center within the temple. Promote education for children and youth and the general public. Provide academic services on ethics to the community. Propaganda Have moral training Ethics for personnel in various agencies. Organize important events in Buddhism to encourage the lecturer to teach the Dharma in the agency. The venue for Buddhist ceremonies is given to students of all levels. Organize the fair on important days and through the media on the public. There is a construction site for the monastic residence. People who make merit. Or other appropriate sculptures for worship. Place for ecclesiastical ritual. Like the temple. Dhamma Hall of Dhamma. Learning Principles of Buddhist and Community Service Activities And the public. There is support for the victims, the welfare fund, the hospital building, Buddhist monks, the welfare housing. Who suffered Service to the public

  2. The performance of the monks in Surin Performance 9 is 1) General performance. 3. Competency: 1. Moral ethics 2. Good communication and 3. Good role model. 2. Self-efficacy consists of three competencies: 1. Self-leadership. 2. Being intellectually and 3. Developing oneself and 3) Working with others. It consists of three competencies: 1. Teamwork 2. Helping others and 3. Trustworthiness. There are 3 components of knowledge, skills and attitudes.


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