The Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Movie Tickets Via Application of The Consumer in Bangkok and Metropolitan Region

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Sudathip Santanaprasit Somchai Lekcharoen


The objectives of this research were to analyze the confirmatory influencing purchase intention of movie tickets via application in Bangkok and metropolitan region. A sample of 400 individuals was selected from Thai customers who had purchased movie tickets via SF Cinema Application by using convenience sampling method between November to December 2018. The findings were as follows: The model is consistent with the empirical evidence to a great extent. The statistic shows the Chi-square statistics with goodness fit test Chi-Square (c2) = 161.70, degrees of freedom (df) = 82 , CMIN/df = 1.97, GFI = 0.95, AGFI = 0.93, CFI = 0.98, RMR = 0.04, SRMR = 0.03, RMSEA = 0.05, with 5 factors by the order of importance from following components; System Quality, Information Quality, Perceived ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, and Service Quality.


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