Creative space design A case study of Rajamangala University Of Technology Tawan-Ok Uthenthawai Campus

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Khattipong Duangsamran Rueanglada Punyalikhit Sarawuth Pintong


Research on Creative Space Design Case study Rajamangala university of technology tawan-ok uthenthawai campus Objective to study problems and issues related to creative space design.  Choose from Strategic issues, strategies Of  the  Rajamangala  university  of  technology  tawan-ok  campus  Annual  of 2062  from  the mission  of  the University.  The aim is to provide. Rajamangala university of technology tawan-ok uthenthawai campus.  East produces quality graduates. It is a moral.  Be ethical  and  ready  to use according to user needs. And social change that changes with other people in the society happily.  And ready  to step  into  the  21st century.  The  target  group  is a student who has studied  in  the  field  of design  in  the  course.       Bachelor  of  Architecture : 1)  Architecture.  2)  Interior Architecture  3)  Industrial Design. Students from all three  disciplines  are  taught  in  the  design  field  from  Year  1 to Year 5. The purpose of this research is to  1) Study the factors that make students creative in design work.  2) Study theories. Related to the principles that make the user space. Inspired and  creative  in  design.  3) Study area design. That  makes  the user more creative. The problem and behavior of the area to design a  creative space.

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