Elaborate Agriculture: Knowledge and Farmer Model Development

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Thawadchai Pengpinit Chavalit Sawatphol


This qualitative research aims at studying the elaborate agriculture knowledge and the development of farmer prototypes from 12 village scholar networks in the North-Eastern Thailand, in 5 provinces: KhonKaen, NakhonRatchasima, Surin, Buriram and Amnat-Charoen. The subjects are village scholars, famer prototypes and related persons. The research instruments are participatory observation, in-depth interview (97 persons), group discussion (10 groups for 75 persons some more 1 time), and 2 workshops (205 persons) for 12 months. The results of research are as follows the elaborate agriculture knowledge of the village scholar networks in the North-Eastern Thailand are sustainability, careful area use, eatable farming, direct experience, and autonomy. In addition, the development of farmer prototypes from village scholar networks in the North-Eastern Thailand consists of paradigm development, knowledge exchange, continuous action and group reliance.


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