1. The contents of the article published in the Journal of Management Science of Chiang Rai Rajabhat University are the product of the authors’ thoughts, research, review, analysis, compilation, citation and references. The editorial staff shares no responsibility on these actions.

2. The research articles and academic articles published in this journal are peer reviewed by external and internal peer reviewers at least two persons according to the peer review principles.

3. The article published in this journal must have never been published anywhere before, and it must not be under the publication reviewing process in any other journals. If duplicated publication is found, it is the sole responsibility of the author to infringe the copyright. The article published in this journal is owned by the publisher and it is thus prohibited to reproduce all or part of the text unless permitted by the editor.

4. If the reader finds any articles in the journal is the replication of other people’s work by claiming as a work of the author, this action is considered Plagiarism, so please notify the editor.

5. The editorial staff reserves the right to review articles in the research study related to human and animal experiments. Only the research study approved by the Research Ethics Committee for Human and Animal Experiment can be accepted for publication. The author must submit the approval evidence from the committee together with the article to the editorial staff.