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       The Journal of MCU Peace Studies is an academic journal published twice a year (1st issue January-April, 2nd issue May-August, 3rd issue September-December). It aims to promote research and disseminate academic and research articles for researchers, academicians, lecturers and graduate students. The Journal focuses on Buddhism, Peace Studies, Sociology, Liberal Arts and Multidisciplinary of Humanities and Social Sciences. All the articles published are peer-reviewed by at least two experts. The articles are in both Thai and English. 

       Views and opinions expressed in the articles published by The Journal of MCU Peace Studies, are of responsibility by such authors but not the editors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors.

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Vol 5, No 2 (2017): ปีที่ 5 ฉบับที่ 2 พฤษภาคม-สิงหาคม 2560

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Non-Violence and Conflict Management by Non-Violence PDF
Bussabong Chaijaroenwatana, Muankwan Renumat 1-16
The Influences of Political Utility Affecting the Democratic Political Decision, Central Northeast, Thailand PDF
Sanya Kenaphoom 17-38
Value and Behavioral Model of Consuming in Online Social Network Using Integration of Buddhist Psychology for Thai Novices PDF
Kamalas Phoowachathipong, Phutthachat Phaensomboon, Phrakhrupipithpariyattikit Chayan, Phrapalad Somchai Damnoen, Onjira Wongsaparn, Aue-aree Waiwattana, Akaranun Ariyasripong, Yaninee Poopat 39-55
Suburban community to Green Community Driven Guideline: Low Carbon Community PDF
Unruan Leknoi 56-74
History, Propagation Routes of Buddhism and Principle of Buddhadhamma in the Lop buri period PDF
Phrasuphot Ketnakorn 75-85
An Analytical Study of Public Mind of Phra Narai Lopburi Rotary Members According To Buddhist Peaceful Means PDF
Chittra Saengwatanarerk, Phramaha Hansa Dhammahaso, Khantong Wattanapradith 86-96
Integration of Gharavasa-Dhamma and Training Process on Boy and Girl Scouts: A Case Study of Primary Education Students in Maeta District, Lamphun Province PDF
Surachai Thepkan, Phrakru Siripariyatyanusat -, Thepprawin Chanreang, Phisit Kotsupho 97-108
The Moral Responsibility: Theravada Philosophical Perspective PDF
Nakhon Jantharach, Veerachart Nimanong 109-122
Belief in Traditional Rituals of Buriram Province PDF
Phrapalad Weerachon Khemaweero, Thananchai Pattanasing, Montira Sakeatong, Rangsitti Vihokhern, Sanguan Lapontan 123-132
The Pattern of Offering Dāna Helping One to the Enlightenment of the Dhammas in the Present Thai Societies PDF
Phrakrubhavanavaranulak Kanlayanadhammo 133-143
A Philososphical Approach in Mahāparinibbāna Sutta PDF
Prayong Jandaeng 144-158
The Process of Teaching the Vipassanã for Development of Qualities of Life in Thai Societiy PDF
Phrakhrusathitdhammalangka Sujato 159-168
The Analytical Study Role of the Three Training as the Process Sixteen Ñāṇas (Solasa-Ñāṇa) PDF
Phrapalad Preecha Gandhako 169-180
The Integration of Zen’s Technics to Withhold the Anusaya PDF
Juralut Vichanati 181-189
The Process Strengthening Responsible Behavior toward the Organization Based On Buddhist Psychology of the Staffs of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University in The Northeas PDF
Thip Khankaew, Siriwat Srikhruedong, PhraKrupipithpariyattikit Buddhadhammo 190-201
Developing Indicators of Learning Organization of Phrapariyattidhamma School, Division of General Education in Thailand PDF
Phrakhruwinaithorn Chakkree Sricharumedhiyan, Soawalak Kosolkittiamporn, Pakdee Phosing 102-218
The Use of Herbal Medicine by the Buddha’s Permission for Primary Health Care PDF
Sanoe Khaokham, Tevun Taneeruttana, Somchai Damnoen 219-231
The Management of Thai Traditional Medicine Services in Health Services to Anti-Aging in Bangkok Metropolitan Region PDF
Chaninya Chaisuvan, Songkun Chantachon 232-244
The Humanized Health Care Model for Nursing Care Pregnancy Women: Knowledge from Nursing Student Experiences PDF
Boonsurb Sosome, Yodsoy Wiwekwan, Yoavadee Suwannaka 245-258
An Application of The Seven Sappaya For Developing Meditation Instructor Course 39 Willpower Institute Branch 73 Wat Pra-Ngam, Trang Province PDF
Phrakhrusoponbuddharak Dhammaraso 259-272
The Way of Conflict Management According to Buddhist Peaceful Means: A Case Study of Demolishing the Graveyard, Wat Phananchoengvoravihara PDF
Rangsiya Ounjai 273-285
The Wisdom Development Process from the Pilgrimage at the Four Main Buddhist Pilgrimage Places PDF
Chantarat Manvichien 286-298
The Ways to Strengthen Peace in the Society of Miracle of Life Foundation by Buddhist Peaceful Means PDF
Chaiyod Intasan, Banjob Bannaruji, Khantong Wattanapradith 299-311
The Role of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya to Enhance Peaceful Society According to Sangahavatthu 4 PDF
Sarinee Sriboonpeng, Banjob Bannaruji, Khantong Wattanapradith 312-323
Experiences of EFL Learners in the English Classroom PDF
Sureepong Phothongsunan 324-334
Myanmar Democratization Path: Role of Government, Reform Strategies and Arising Challenges PDF
May Lai Win, Siwach Sripokangkul 335-347


The Metaphor of Life: Meaning Analysis for Clearly Understanding of Life PDF
Prateep Puchthonglang 348-365
The Process of Group Consultant Providing according to Psychology : The Testing Group’s Temper PDF
Phrakhrubhavanaveeranusith Payññāwūḍḍho, PhraKrupipithpariyattikit Buddhadhammo, Sompoch Srivijitravorakul 366-375
The Humanized Care Paradigm: The Chapter of Gilanadhamma Camp PDF
Jareerat Intawat, Thanapol Bundasak, Narumol Jangasem 376-387
An Application of Reflective Practice to Nursing Practicum PDF
Arunee Chaiyarit, Wimol Jangsombatsiri 389-400

Book Review

Leadership in Organization PDF
Somchai Damnoen, Supaporn Nuansai 401-407