The roles of Buddhist monks in Community Development

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Chakkree Sricharumedhiyan


The roles of Buddhist monks in Thai society are noticeably clear and discernible, considering the fact that Thai society is accustomed to Buddhism from birth until death. Indeed, Buddhist monks play a significant role in the society of Thailand, whether in auspicious ceremonies such as birthday, wedding, and house blessing ceremonies, or in misfortunate ceremonies such as funerals and bone washing rituals. In some places, monks may be quack doctors or owners of traditional pharmacopeia according to the community’s wisdom. In this case, their roles are even more apparent. Nonetheless, the following statements are only a suggestion rather than an answer; they merely represent the ideas of one individual who is interested in the roles of monks and intends to promote the roles of monks to benefit the society, as well as increase social awareness of such benefits.
In this article, the author will present the issues associated with the role of a priest working in a style that is associated with the development of the community and to guide those interested in further study.



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