The Enhancing the joy of Youth from Families: A Reflection From Novels

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Alapa Muangsri


The purposes of this research are as follows: 1) to study the family roles affeeted from five novels: Mai Pa, Mai Plak Pa, Mai On, Mai Meung, and Mai Dat  2) to analyze the youth preblems shown in all the five novels,  3) to study the authors’ attitudes to the family roles in the novels.  This research is a qualitative research.

          The results of this research reveal that: 1) the family role depended on reasons with love and understanding is the most effective and affects to the children’s growth and development: self-confidence, resonableness, self-discipline that leads them successful in life,  2) youth problems shown in all the novels cause problems in the youth: commit suicide,  pregnaney in teenagers, drug addiction, committing crime, homosexuality.  Mai Dat showed all these problems affeeted the youth to be clearly seen the result of dietatorial treatment. Mai Pa offers the strongest spoiled treatment, 3) the authors’ attitudes to the family roles emphasize on the importance of good quality  family in eight characteristics: 1. the importance of all members, 2. Sharing fairly of good time and bad time,  3. Always giving children time, 4. Parents  often have a good understanding communication with their teenage children, 5. not using bad temper on them, 6. Be able to speak a word of the same language , 7. having a sense of humor, 8. leading a good example to theme.  All the characteristics are the most important things to do to make a good quality in life that leads to happiness and success in life.  Beause the quality of the children is a result of the quality of the parents.



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