Philosophy of Conflicts

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Phramaha Duangden Thitañāṇo Phra Jaturong Ajarasuphoo Phra Thanat Vaddhano Sumalai Kanjana


This Research has three objectives; (1) to study the concept, Part, factor and condition of conflict of person and socity. (2) to study the systematic and  dynamic management conflict of person and socity. (3) to study and present knowledge  philosophy of conflict in context management for learning develop of life and society. This research document; primary source, secoundary and interviews the scholar of conflict of person and socity.

From the research; the conflict is the feeling or reaction or group of person has the attitude, value and the perpose non direction together. The many groups of sociologists look the conflict is the nature in the human society unavoidable. The management of the googd conflict can response the pleasure all and bring the conflict to create development, can reduce lose its no necessity. The conflict have the result to change in positive and negative organization its on the point of view and method of management of manager.

Origin and important factor of conflict will occur from deficient and divide of non complete resources. In the religion belives the conflict from important desire of human has inner conflict and conflict between person or group society has two facters; in facter they are “Papanjadhamma (diversification)” (selfish desire, speculation, conceit) and out facters (fact, Data, benefit, Relation and Ethnicity).

 System and mechanism of management of person and social conflict can bring the theory for adaptation many theories; consist of Role theory, Collaborative conflict theory, Leadership theory, conclusion the method of management of conflict 5 methods 1. Avoid 2. Indulgent 3. Force 4. Compromise 5. fix the problem. Many form has bad and good and condition different for use appropriate. For many fix the most problem; fix the form win-win problem. Different parties has benefit dual and can treat relationships but must make follow condition.

Presentation the process to the context management conflict for learning and develop life and society has many methods, divides Behaviour, Income inequality, Good Governance, Peace concept, Other peace concept, Role and Legal concept, Structural theory, Consultation concept, Control power, Competition and Caste concept. So the systhematic and machanics of management completed conflict depend on Benefit coordination divisibly and management with pece method.


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