Sangha’s Role and Politics Constraints in Thai Society

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Phrapalad Ketsada Phathong


Buddhism and politics, especially monks. From past to present "The good that was created. The beauty that has been", coupled with the development of Thai society since the Sukhothai period. The interference of state officials by different religions. Although it is a "minority group, but with a lot of power", it sets out a plan of action. This is evident from the ever-violent and widespread religious threats such as unrest in the three southern border provinces. Throughout the Buddhist eradication, such as the ban on sacred ceremony, in order to move non-Buddhism objects away from the temple, etc. Thailand is a city of Democracy. The right and freedom to choose anything that is not contrary to the good traditions of Thailand. I would not be wrong. However, it must be banned by government officials or removed from the temple. And many more. Many Buddhist monks came out in the politics movement and submitted proposals to include Buddhism as a national religion in the Constitution, but failed. It is not worried that the future will be. But if we study about the history of neighboring countries. The uprising of monks nationwide. This is a concern that is reasonable.



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