A Model of Management Equation of Phrapariyattidhamma School, General Education Division

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Phrapalad Boonjerd Sucitto Somsak Boonpoo Phrakhrukittiyanawisit - -


The purpose of this research was to: 1) study the state of administration of the Buddhist Scripture School. Department of General Education 2) To develop the effective management model of the Buddhist Scripture School. 3) to propose an effective management model of Ecclesiastical School. Department of General Education The method is 1) Quantitative research The questionnaire was used by the staff of the Buddhist Scripture School. The 335 general education curriculums were analyzed by means of arithmetic mean and standard deviation. and 2) Qualitative research. The seminar consisted of 10 experts, who used the knowledge to develop the model. There are 8 qualified speakers to review for their suitability. Analyze data by content analysis.

The results of the study found that:

  1. The management of Buddhist Scripture School Department of General Education The overall level of management is very high. When considering each aspect, it was found that the management There are 3 levels of material, equipment, finance and personnel at a high level.

  2. The effective management model of Buddhist Scripture School The General Education Department consists of 1) Principles to promote the system of Buddhist education. Department of General Education Standard quality Accepted by society. To propagate and preserve Buddhism to be exuberant. 2) Objectives (1) Develop a strong school management system. (2) to study the Buddhist scriptures. Department of General Education To produce and develop the heirloom of Buddhist wisdom. (3) Develop students as the heirloom of Buddhist wisdom. 3) Management Processes (1) Principles of management according to management principles are PAPOSDCORB (2) Principles of management of key factors such as people or personnel, management money. (3) Principles of management for efficiency, including the ability of knowledge and ideas. Process capability And mental attributes.

  3. The expert has reviewed the effective management model of the Buddhist Scripture School. The Department of General Education has found that it is appropriate and can be used in practice.


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