Du Song Yor Histological Contested Conflict : Psycho-trauma Healing through Public Health and Religious Bridging

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Banpot Thontirawong



       This qualitative field research is of 3 objectives: 1) to study of Du Song Yor, histological contested conflict, 2) to analyze the perception problems of feeling and Psycho-trauma of Du Song Yor’s folks and police communities, and 3) to present the process of psycho-trauma healing through public health and religious bridging.

       It is found that the past Du Song Yor incident happened in April, 1948; but there were many opinions during days of incident, and not clear amount of the dead ones but certainly the two sides were dead. In the view of Du Song Yor folks, their ancestors did not rebel but necessarily gathered to fight for self-protection. For the police, they perceive that it was only a riot not rebel as they were ordered to suppress the riot. For the way to psycho-trauma healing through public health and religious bridging, the two sides have agreeable opinions that the government should see into it with neutral mind, mutually find the way to create understanding related to the history, For the public health and religion psycho–trauma healing processes, it is found that it is a mixture processes: which is to be done in the safe space ; exchange of information, and feelings, linked and mixed with self-belief and faith in their religion principles until each side shares empathy and forgiveness leading to mutually find acceptable solutions. However, in this bridging processes each side must trust each other as from the beginning.


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