Drug Abuse Behavior Prevention Model of Secondary Students School in Mekong River Basin

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Burachat Jandaeng Saowaluk Kosolkittiamporn Sanya Kenaphoom


This research aims to 1) study and confirmed the defense and 2) create a form of risk behavior prevention drugs. The samples and data providers, including persons involved in the prevention of risk behavior among drug users and 15 specialists in the prevention of drug abuse was 5 sampling. Tools include: Save Group Conference Query and Validation. The research found that Guidelines for prevention include Guidelines for the prevention of psychological and social circumstances, results confirm the suitability of the approach. At the very most. And the consensus among quartile is less than 1.5, which outlines all approach is suitable to build a model on a large scale. The creation of a form of protection against risk behavior, drugs were found. Protection schemes include Creating awareness and participation. By focusing on creating awareness, awareness, perceptions and attitudes to protection before the abuse began. And youth development, family, school and community together.


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